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Signs Are Everywhere

SignsEveryWhereRodNewsletter2020 (1)

Usually, when we are able to look back on an event that "rocks our world", we are able to identify signs that would have indicated trouble was coming. At times, the problem is that we didn't see them, or ignored them, as not being something to be concerned about....

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Two Sides To One Coin

Rod Newsletter March 2020

The Bible may have some principles that fit on each side of a Godly coin....

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Staying on the Right Path

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Often my wife and I will be amazed, in the midst of situations, where one of us starts to do something and then find that, on the path to do one thing, we see something else that needs to be done and completely change our priorities and actions. Sometimes, we may not even remember what it was we initially intended to do....

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A “Complete Christian”?

Complete Christian 1080 x 700

How time flies! Here we are into summer. Here I am after 66 years of life, and 44 years of marriage, to the love of my life. We say things like: “Live and Learn”. Well, sometimes after our life challenges, we find out that we do it all over again and didn’t learn the lesson or grow in the way God intended. ...

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Optimist or Pessimist


Would you call yourself an optimist or pessimist? Honestly! When you consider your answer, consider if you believe life is full of possibilities and you still have goals that you have been working on for quite some time. ...

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