A “Complete Christian”?

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How time flies!  Here we are into summer.  Here I am after 66 years of life, and 44 years of marriage, to the love of my life.  We say things like: “Live and Learn”.  Well, sometimes after our life challenges, we find out that we do it all over again and didn’t learn the lesson or grow in the way God intended.   

We should always remember that every minute and circumstance of our lives, here on this present earth, are orchestrated by God to the completion of His ultimate purpose for our lives.  Our decisions, in those situations, will determine the results of His “work in progress’, for us a Christian.  We definitely are a “gem in the rough”, as we are being polished and transformed.  We will never reach total completion, until heaven, because scripture says that there are none that are good or complete.  Jesus was the only one who walked the earth that was “complete”, sinless and our example.  That is why we are called Christians (Christ-like). 

Titus 2:7 says: “In all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works; in doctrine showing integrity, reverence and incorruptibility.”  In this scripture, we can learn and be challenged to good works of integrity, reverence and not being corrupted by sin.  Paul was actually writing to his young “son in the faith” and disciple.   Paul charged Tim, and ultimately us, to follow good doctrine, and being incorruptible in belief and actions.  He was basically saying that Christians should not be divided, or double minded in any way.  Please read and contemplate the instructions, about doubt, in James 1: 4-8.  Paul wanted, his brother Timothy, to hold fast to the truth of God, and not be divided.  This person is to be one who obeys the whole counsel of God, all the time.

In mathematics there are two basic kinds of numbers, integers and fractions (or decimals): 3, 98, and 76 are integers, while 1/3, 1/8 and 3/16 are fractions and .5, .42 and .29 are decimals.  These are all parts of the whole.  Integers, are from a Latin root meaning “whole” or “entire”.  The word integrity comes from the same root; a person with integrity cannot be divided in beliefs or morality, based on varying circumstances.

Complete Christians are those that cannot be divided, disrupted, divisive or distracted from the truth.  Space won’t alone be to list the plethora of Biblical examples.  Remember and be inspired by people like:  Daniel and his three friends, in Babylon, when threatened to be burned alive, they told the King they would stay completely faithful to their God. Daniel also had many times when he showed us his moving toward “completeness”.  David had is moments of failures, but in his honoring of King Saul, he demonstrated incorruptibility.  Last but not least, is Ester, who risked her life to save others by pleading with the king, when she could have been killed for her actions that saved many lives. 

Are you a whole person (Complete Christian) or a fractured person today?  If your faith, beliefs, thoughts and actions, have become divided, cement them back together and commit to God’s lordship, His ways and His Word.  I am walking this life with you.