We are excited to meet together in-person again. It may take some time to get back to where things were before, but the Elders appreciate everyone’s cooperation, patience, and willingness to prefer others, especially during this time. Please review the guidelines of Central Church’s Re-Opening Playbook on Central Church Facebook Page. The Elders will re-evaluate these guidelines and will update as needed. 



Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To attract and win people to Christ, develop each person to full maturity in their relationship to Him, and mobilize them to fulfill their destiny in service to God.

5 Ways We Are Loved By God
  • As enemies of God, we have been reconciled with God (Romans 5:10-11).
  • As Law-breakers, we have been justified by the Law-giver (Romans 3:26).
  • As prodigal sinners, we have been forgiven by a prodigal God (Luke 15:22-24).
  • As bad people, we have been baptized into the death of Jesus (Romans 6:3-5).
  • As the unrighteous, we have been given Christ's righteousness (Romans 5:19).
5 Ways We Love Our Neighbor


Our Vision

We see a church that is not a building, but believers called to celebrate the presence of God in all areas of life. That’s worship.

We see a church where people gather together in a safe, secure, accepting, and loving environment. That’s fellowship.

We see a church that will help provide educational and spiritual opportunity for each person to become fully devoted to Jesus Christ. That’s discipleship.

We see a church that helps individuals discover, develop, and deploy their unique God-given abilities. That’s ministry.

We see a church that communicates God’s love and each person’s need to personally respond to His free offer of forgiveness. That’s evangelism.