We are excited to meet together in-person again. It may take some time to get back to where things were before, but the Elders appreciate everyone’s cooperation, patience, and willingness to prefer others, especially during this time. Please review the guidelines of Central Church’s Re-Opening Playbook on Central Church Facebook Page. The Elders will re-evaluate these guidelines and will update as needed. 



Rod Reid

RodRRod has been a pastor at Central Church, since 1976, servicing both full-time and part-time positions. He oversees office finances, the cleaning ministry, and ushering ministries. He is the secretary of the corporation and takes minutes at elder board meetings along with yearly budget suggestions and projections to the elder board.

Rod gains satisfaction from helping people and offering various ways of assistance. At Central Church, Rod enjoys the fellowship of connecting and helping people find purpose and satisfaction in their relationship with Christ.

Rod enjoys being outdoors, hunting, camping and spending time with his wife of 44 years, Linda, five children (all serving the Kingdom of God) and twelve grandchildren.